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What Is An IPS Display?

IPS is an acronym that stands for In-Plane Switching.
An IPS monitor gives you more accurate color representation than your usual LCD displays.
As Android Central would put it, in IPS displays, "whites are white, blacks and back, reds are red, etc.".
IPS displays also give you a wider viewing angle.
Try tilting your Ekophone or Ekotab to be able to look at the display from an angle.
You will notice that (unlike the LCD displays of basic phones and other non-IPS display smartphones) the display remains clear and the color does not change as significantly.
You can still see photos clearly, identify the colors as they really are, and perceive the brightness as bright as it really is.
Why is this useful?
Due to the different ways we use mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones, we tend to hold them at different angles.
Specially with smartphones, we don't always hold them up at eye level.
Devices with IPS displays (such as Ekophones) make themselves much more efficient to use at virtually almost any position.
And we haven't mentioned the accurate colors yet.
Since color data is represented accurately on IPS displays, clear movies remain clear (not too dark, nor too light), games made with vibrant graphics are displayed vibrantly, and your photos come out in their truest and clearest possible colors.


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